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Bluemic Beautiful Boys

+ hey BOY~ didnt anybody SaY you were bEaUTiFUL? +
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+ +    b l u e m i c    b e a u t i f u l    b o y s   

the courage to say
that you are the way you are
you are beautiful, boy
didn't anbody ever say
you were beautiful?

This is a community for boys who are bulemic or anorexic. We are not sexist here like the other eating disorder communities, which refer to all members as women and in which all thinspiration pictures are of female models or actors.

You may be of any sexuality, such as homosexual, heterosexual, pansexual, bisexual, or transsexual. We Will Not Judge You Here.

If you are recovering, want to recover, or are in love with bulemia or anarexia, or are just trying to lose weight, please join. You may wish to lose weight healthfully or unhealthfully, naturally or unnaturally. Or, you may not wish to lose weight at all, but just change how you feel.

P L E A S E J O I N.

The rules are:
♥ Love one another.
♥ Love all living things.
♥ Be yourself. We will not judge you here.
♥ Believe in yourself! Boys and men are wonderful but overlooked. We are often pushed down by women, and ignored by eating disorder specialists. Be glad you are alive.

You may wish to post an introductory post such as your:
+ name
+ age
+ weights (highest, lowest, current, goal) (that is if you weigh yourself at all)
+ history with bulemia
+ interests in arts and literature
+ photographs of yourself